Recently incorporated in the year 2022, VISKO HR Private Limited is a dynamic and innovative job recruitment company dedicated to connecting top-tier talent with leading organizations across various industries. With a focus on excellence, integrity, and personalized service, we strive to be a trusted partner for both employers and job-seekers. Our mission is to empower businesses with exceptional human capital while providing individuals with rewarding career opportunities. We are committed to fostering long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success. To achieve our mission, we have created a unique AI-based job portal named, REMARK, which connects employers and employees with the help of AI.


Unemployment can be seen as one of the severe socio-economic problems that are being faced by both developing and the developed countries. For example, in India, the rate of unemployment has been increasing rapidly since the 2000s. Today, billions of people are interacting over the internet in several different ways and is exponentially easier to operate. Overtime the problem in helping people get jobs or helping corporates find people has changed from ‘simply finding the people’ to ‘locating the right people’. This demand has risen due to the sheer explosion of the number of people and job opportunities floating on the Internet. This has led to job portals slowly losing their relevance in the traditional sense. However, following are some of the problems associated with current digital recruitment portals:

  • 1. Rise in Technical Issues: During online interviews on the free video platforms like Skype or Zoom video calls, it is possible to encounter technical faults. It can be quite embarrassing for a recruiter to be suddenly switched out of a conversation or call due to an electrical outage, while having an unstable internet connection can be awkward. This also means if the company isn’t good at technology, they might encounter such glitches more often;

  • 2. Lack of AI integrated features: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance various aspects of the job recruitment process, streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall experience for both recruiters and candidates. However, none of the existing job portals incorporate AI features for job recruitment;

  • 3. Lack of useful information: Job portals pretty much work by using resume information to match people. Unfortunately, information available through job portals is not enough to do an intelligent match. Recruiters see very similar resumes of hundreds of applicants making it impossible to figure out which candidate seems to be relevant or better for the job at hand;

  • 4. Fraudulent applications: Some applications might be fake to get information about the company or hiring officer (a common espionage tactic). Simultaneously, spammers might use the information posted online to promote a service or product;

  • 5. Lack of data-driven recruitment process: Data analysis helps in making the online recruitment process more effective and efficient. Hiring analytics can help your company achieve its desired business results;

  • 6. Biased recruitment process: A stereotypical recruitment process that does not promote diversity or enhance inclusion makes the hiring monotonous and subjective. Most companies fail to commit objective hiring due to unconscious bias, resulting in the loss of great candidates. An unprejudiced recruitment process ensures diversity in the workforce and also helps in creating a strong brand.


At VISKO HR Private Limited, we have created an AI-based job portal, aimed to revolutionize the digital recruitment process. We understand the challenges of both the employers and the employees, which is we created REMARK, our AI-based job recruitment portal designed for both employers and the employees. It helps to alleviate the above-mentioned problems in the following manner:

  • 1. Automated Resume Screening: Our software can quickly screen resumes for keywords and criteria, saving recruiter’s time and resources by identifying the most qualified candidates;

  • 2. Automated Sourcing: With the help of our software’s AI tools, employers can actively search and source potential candidates from various online platforms, social media, and professional networks. This helps recruiters discover passive candidates who may not be actively applying for jobs but possess the right skills.

  • 3. Audio and Video Interview schedulation through application: Through our mobile applications, employers and employees can both schedule personal interviews at their convenience. Our technical team has built up a robust software with extremely less chances of encountering technical faults, when compared to free video platforms;

  • 4. Interview preparation for candidates: With the help of our AI-based software, candidates can interact with a bot which will help them with answering of interview related questions. This bot is created in a similar manner as to that of an interviewer, which helps the candidate to prepare for the interview before-hand;

  • 5. Internship procurement: We believe that digital recruitment must just not be limited to jobs and that AI-integrated features can also benefits trainees and young candidates to look up for suitable jobs and prepare for interviews likewise;

  • 6. AI confidence calculation: Being one of its kind, our AI-based software will analyze facial expressions, tone of voice, and other non-verbal cues to provide insights into a candidate's soft skills and cultural fit. This can complement traditional interview methods and help identify the best candidates;

  • 7. AI generated job and bio description: Candidates often struggle writing a complete bio for themselves to be put up on a job portal. In the same manner, recruiters struggle to put up complete information about the job posting and their expectations. With the help of our software, employers and employees can have a customized bio written;

  • 8. Questionnaire upload: With the help of our application, employers can also upload specific questionnaires to be answered by the candidates. This helps the employers in selecting skill-based candidates for the interview rounds.


We aim to become India’s first AI-based job portal with features like automated resume screening, automated sourcing of information, audio and video interview schedulation on the application itself. Our mobile application also helps candidates in interview preparation and internship procurement. In future, we are looking to launch training and certification programs, where candidates would be trained for interview preparation for various types of job postings. We are also planning to incorporate more AI-integrated features such as predictive analysis tool (where AI can be used to predict the success of candidates in specific roles by analyzing historical data and identifying patterns related to job performance, which would help employers make more informed decisions), automated skill assessment tools (where our platform would be adept at assessing and verifying candidates' skills through automated testing and simulations). We are also strengthening our blockchain technology which would be integrated into our portal to securely verify and validate candidates' educational and professional credentials. This could reduce the risk of fraudulent information in resumes and enhance the overall credibility of the hiring process.


The main motive at VISKO HR Private Limited is to generate employment opportunities and help candidates and employers in the recruitment process. Being an innovative recruitment company, we have a technical team of experts working round the corner to ensure minimum technical faults and inconvenience to the users. In future, we are planning to hire local talent from nearby cities, especially female candidates to generate employment. We would also rely network of freelancers, contractors, and consultants to support our operations. This can create opportunities for people with specialized skills and experience to find work on a flexible basis.

Remark is a platform that brings together Jobseekers and Employers.

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